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Etienne-Jules Marey


Etienne-Jules Marey was a French scientist and photography pioneer who made significant contributions to the fields of physiology, cardiology, aviation, and cinematography. He is renowned for his innovative approaches to capturing movement and his advancements in chronophotography, a technique that involved capturing a series of high-speed photographs to analyze motion.


  • Chronophotography was a groundbreaking technique developed by Marey in the late 19th century.
  • It involved capturing a sequence of still images at regular intervals to portray the movement of a subject.
  • This technique enabled Marey to study and document various types of motion, including human and animal locomotion, flight, and other physical activities.

Scientific Contributions

Physiology and Cardiology

  • Marey's research in physiology focused on studying the mechanics of bodily motion and processes.
  • He developed various instruments to measure physiological parameters, such as blood pressure and respiratory rate.
  • His work on the circulation of blood and the movement of the heart provided valuable insights into cardiovascular function.


  • Marey's interest in aviation led him to develop methods for studying the flight of birds and insects.
  • He designed an apparatus called the "sphygmograph" to record the wing movements of birds during flight.
  • His studies on the mechanisms of bird flight contributed to the development of early flying machines.


  • Marey's work in chronophotography laid the groundwork for modern cinematography.
  • He invented a camera capable of capturing multiple frames per second, creating a precursor to the motion picture camera.
  • His experiments with chronophotography influenced filmmakers and artists, inspiring new ways of representing movement.

Art Style

Etienne-Jules Marey's artistic style is characterized by the use of chronophotography to capture motion and depict it in a visually striking manner. His images often showcase the beauty and fluidity of movement, whether it be a person running, a bird in flight, or a horse galloping.

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