Glowing werewolf portrait AI prompt

Discover the mesmerizing artwork created by AI using the "stable diffusion" and "midjourney" prompts, featuring a captivating glowing werewolf portrait.

Glowing werewolf portrait
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Create a hyperrealistic, ultra high-resolution full body female portrait with elements of a blood-soaked, cyberpunk-inspired werewolf vampire. The portrait should showcase pointy ears, glowing eyes, and sharp fangs along with a dynamic pose. The background should be immersive and incorporate dramatic lighting, while blood splatter adds to the eerie atmosphere. Render the portrait with the utmost realism, resembling a raw photo using techniques such as photon mapping and physically-based rendering.

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The prompt "Glowing werewolf portrait" calls for a full body female portrait showcasing various elements such as being blood-soaked, having pointy ears, and embodying the essence of a cyberpunk, vampire, and werewolf. The portrait should feature striking characteristics like glowing eyes and sharp fangs or teeth. Inspired by the artistic style of Tim Burton, the portrait should also incorporate elements like blood splatter, an evil laugh, a dynamic pose, an immersive background, and dramatic lighting. The desired outcome is an ultra high-resolution, realistic or photo-realistic artwork resembling a raw photo. Utilizing techniques such as photon mapping and physically-based rendering, the aim is to achieve a hyperrealistic result akin to photography.

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