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C215 is the art style of a prominent street artist known for his stencil-based artwork. Often referred to as C215, the artist's real name is Christian Guémy. He gained international recognition for his captivating and thought-provoking street art, which can be found in cities all around the world.


  • Stencil Art: C215 primarily uses the technique of stenciling to create his artwork. Stenciling involves cutting out specific shapes or patterns on a thin material such as cardboard or plastic and then applying paint or spray paint over the stencil onto a surface, resulting in a highly detailed and precise image.

  • Multilayered Portraits: One of the distinct features of C215's art style is his ability to create multilayered portraits. His subjects include everyday people, children, refugees, and other marginalized individuals. C215's portraits often capture emotions and tell compelling stories, as he skillfully combines different stencil layers to create depth and bring his subjects to life.

  • Vibrant Colors: C215’s art is characterized by vibrant and eye-catching colors. From bold reds to bright yellows and blues, his use of color adds energy and dynamism to his artwork, making it stand out in urban environments.

  • Emphasis on Eyes: C215 pays particular attention to the eyes of his subjects. By highlighting the eyes with intricate details and vivid colors, he aims to draw the viewer's attention and evoke empathy and connection.

Using C215 Style with Artvy

To create AI-generated artwork in the style of C215, we recommend using Artvy, our free AI art generation tool. Artvy utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to mimic the artistic style of various artists, including street artists like C215. With Artvy, you can experiment with different compositions, subjects, and colors to generate unique and personalized AI art inspired by C215's captivating stencil art.

Whether you want to create a multilayered portrait, experiment with vibrant colors, or convey emotions through your artwork, Artvy can help you explore the possibilities of the C215 art style and unleash your creativity.

Try Artvy today and embark on an artistic journey inspired by the street art world of C215

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