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Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems is a highly acclaimed American photographer, artist, and filmmaker. She is known for her thought-provoking and powerful works that explore themes of race, gender, and identity. With her distinctive artistic style, Weems has made significant contributions to contemporary art and has been recognized with numerous awards and honors.


Born in Portland, Oregon, in 1953, Carrie Mae Weems grew up in a working-class family. She developed an interest in art from a young age and went on to study photography at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. Weems later pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of California, San Diego.

Artistic Style

Carrie Mae Weems has a unique and impactful artistic style that combines photography, text, and audiovisual elements. Her works often incorporate historical photographs, archival images, and written narratives, inviting viewers to contemplate complex social issues. Weems explores themes such as racial injustice, gender inequality, and the construction of identity in her art.

Notable Works

  • "Kitchen Table Series" (1990) - This iconic series of photographs depicts intimate moments of a woman at her kitchen table, exploring themes of family, relationships, and solitude.

  • "From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried" (1995-1996) - In this series, Weems examines the representation of African Americans throughout history and challenges the dominant narratives in visual culture.

  • "The Louisiana Project" (2003-2004) - Weems collaborated with people from Louisiana to create a multimedia installation and address the impact of Hurricane Katrina and racial disparities in the region.

Influence and Recognition

Carrie Mae Weems's work has had a significant influence on contemporary art and photography. She has received numerous awards and honors, including the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2013. Weems's art has been exhibited widely in galleries and museums around the world and can be found in many important art collections.

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