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Felix Vallotton


Felix Vallotton was a Swiss painter and printmaker associated with the Post-Impressionist movement. He was known for his bold and simplified style, often depicting scenes of everyday life with a touch of irony and wit. Vallotton was fascinated by the play of light and shadow, using sharp outlines and contrasting colors to create a distinct visual impact in his artwork.

Style Characteristics

Here are some key characteristics of Felix Vallotton's art style:

  1. Contrasting Colors: Vallotton often utilized a limited color palette, with bold and contrasting colors. This approach helped to emphasize the shapes and forms in his compositions.

  2. Simplified Forms: He favored a simplified and geometric approach to forms. Vallotton would often flatten the space and reduce details, resulting in a more graphic and abstract representation of objects and figures.

  3. Strong Composition: Vallotton carefully arranged his subjects within the composition, using dynamic diagonals and strong verticals to create a sense of balance and tension. He had a keen eye for capturing the essence of a scene and arranging elements in a visually striking manner.

  4. Play of Light and Shadow: Vallotton was fascinated by the effects of light and shadow. He would use sharp contrasts and strong shadows to add drama and depth to his paintings. This technique helped to create a sense of three-dimensionality in his otherwise flat compositions.

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