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Gabriel Metsu


Gabriel Metsu (1629-1667) was a Dutch painter known for his genre scenes, portraits, and historical paintings. He was born in Leiden and later moved to Amsterdam, where he became a prominent member of the city's artistic community. Metsu's works are characterized by their meticulous attention to detail, exquisite rendering of textures, and skillful use of light and shadow.

Style Characteristics

  • Intimate scenes: Metsu's paintings often depict small, domestic interiors with figures engaged in everyday activities. These scenes capture a sense of intimacy and invite the viewer to observe the intricacies of daily life.
  • Rich color palette: Metsu was known for his mastery of color, using a vibrant and harmonious palette in his compositions. His works feature a wide range of hues, which contribute to the overall visual appeal and create a sense of depth.
  • Naturalistic rendering: Metsu's attention to detail is evident in his naturalistic rendering of objects, fabrics, and textures. He carefully portrays the play of light and shadow on various surfaces, adding a sense of realism to his artworks.
  • Expressive faces: The figures in Metsu's paintings often have expressive faces that convey a range of emotions. He skillfully captures human gestures and expressions, making his characters appear lifelike and relatable.


  • Genre scenes: Metsu frequently depicted scenes from everyday life, such as people engaged in household chores, socializing, or enjoying leisure activities. These genre scenes provide glimpses into 17th-century Dutch society and its customs.
  • Portraits: Although Metsu is best known for his genre scenes, he also painted portraits. His portraits showcase his ability to capture the likeness and personality of the sitter while incorporating elements of the genre painting tradition.
  • Historical and biblical subjects: While less common in his body of work, Metsu also painted historical and biblical scenes. These paintings often featured multiple figures engaged in dramatic narratives, showcasing his versatility as a painter.


  • Dutch Golden Age: Metsu was part of the Dutch Golden Age, a period of remarkable artistic and economic prosperity in the Netherlands. His works contributed to the flourishing art scene of the time and were influenced by the prevailing trends and techniques of Dutch painters.
  • Rembrandt's influence: Metsu was influenced by the works of Rembrandt in his use of chiaroscuro (the contrast between light and dark) and his portrayal of human emotion. However, Metsu developed his unique style, focusing more on genre scenes and refined compositions.

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