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Maurice Tabard

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Maurice Tabard was a French photographer and artist who was born on September 5, 1897, in Lyon, France. He is recognized for his innovative and experimental approach to photography, creating surreal and abstract images that challenged the conventional norms of the medium.

Style and Influences

Tabard was greatly influenced by the emerging surrealist movement and explored techniques that merged photography with painting and collage. He sought to transform ordinary photographs into dreamlike and fantastical visions through his unique artistic approach.

Key Characteristics

Tabard's photographs often exhibited the following characteristics:

  • Surrealism: Tabard embraced the surrealist philosophy, aiming to explore the subconscious and challenge the boundaries of reality through his photographic images.

  • Photomontage: Tabard frequently incorporated collage and photomontage techniques in his work, juxtaposing different elements to create unexpected and thought-provoking compositions.

  • Multiple Exposures: By experimenting with multiple exposures and combining various images in a single photograph, Tabard created complex and layered narratives that went beyond the limitations of traditional photography.

  • Symbolism: Tabard's photographs often incorporated symbolism and metaphor, allowing viewers to delve into the deeper meanings and interpret the images in their own way.

  • Abstract Form and Shape: Tabard utilized abstraction and geometric shapes to create visually striking compositions that challenged the viewers' perception of reality.

Artvy Recommendation

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