100,000 Humans That Don't Exist Review

Super realistic whole-body images. Use them wherever you want and don't worry about legal stuff

100,000 Humans That Don't Exist Review


"100,000 Humans That Don't Exist" is an innovative AI Art Generation app that allows users to create super realistic whole-body images of humans. With this app, you can generate unique human faces for various purposes, without the need to worry about legal restrictions. Whether you're a fashion designer, graphic artist, or simply looking for realistic human images, this app provides a convenient and accessible solution.


Realistic Whole-Body Images

The standout feature of "100,000 Humans That Don't Exist" is its ability to generate super realistic whole-body images. The AI technology utilized by this app allows for intricate details, ensuring that the faces it generates appear convincing and genuine. This opens up a world of possibilities for designers and artists in need of diverse and high-quality human representations.

Legal and Copyright Considerations

One of the major advantages of using this app is the assurance that legal obstacles are taken care of. With "100,000 Humans That Don't Exist," there is no need to worry about licensing issues or copyright restrictions. This allows you to confidently use the images you create in commercial projects without the fear of infringing on someone's rights.

Use Cases

Fashion Industry

For fashion designers and brands, having access to a vast database of human faces is essential. "100,000 Humans That Don't Exist" provides a seamless solution, enabling you to create realistic models for your clothing line or promotional material. Whether you need a fit model, a diverse array of potential customers, or brand ambassadors, this app can cater to your specific needs.

Graphic Designers and Artists

Graphic designers and artists often require human representations in their artworks. With this app, you can easily generate realistic human images that can be incorporated into illustrations, digital paintings, or even advertisements. The versatility of the app ensures that it can be utilized in various creative projects.

Freemium and Paid Options

"100,000 Humans That Don't Exist" offers both freemium and paid options, providing users with flexibility and various functionalities to suit their needs. While the freemium version offers access to a limited number of image variations, the premium version grants access to a vast collection of human faces, allowing for more diversity and customization. The choice between these options depends on the user's requirements and budget.


  • Creates super realistic whole-body images
  • No legal or copyright concerns
  • Suitable for the fashion industry and graphic designers/artists
  • Offers a freemium option for cost-conscious users


  • The free version has limited image variations
  • Premium version may have a cost barrier for some users


"100,000 Humans That Don't Exist" is a remarkable AI Art Generation app that empowers users to effortlessly create realistic human images. With its high-quality whole-body images and legal peace of mind, it proves to be a valuable tool for fashion designers, graphic designers, and artists. While the app offers a free option, the premium version unlocks an extensive collection of human faces, catering to users who require greater diversity and customization. Overall, "100,000 Humans That Don't Exist" is a recommendable choice in the realm of AI Art Generation apps.

Please note that "Artvy," the mentioned free alternative, has not been reviewed in this particular document.