Black Kimono Cyberpunk AI prompt

Get inspired with our AI Art Prompt, "Black Kimono Cyberpunk," and explore the captivating digital artwork created with the concepts of stable diffusion and midjourney. Immerse yourself in the futuristic world of cyberpunk aesthetics combined with the elegance of a black kimono.

Black Kimono Cyberpunk
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In the realms of a dystopian cyberpunk world, immerse yourself in an ultrahigh-resolution image capturing the essence of elegance. Behold a striking vision: a woman hailing from the Orient, adorned in a sleek black kimono that contrasts with her resplendent red locks. The ambiance is permeated with shades of dark brown and gray, harmoniously blending with the atmospheric backdrop. This exquisite portrayal is reminiscent of Sandara Tang's distinctive style, where the amalgamation of stunning attire and enigmatic beauty creates a captivating presence. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the futuristic aesthetics masterfully crafted by Zeng Chuangxing. Dimensions: AR 69:128; Size: 750; Niji: 5.

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The "Black Kimono Cyberpunk" prompt sets the scene for an intriguing artwork featuring an oriental woman wearing a black kimono with striking red hair. The artwork should be created in the style of a cyberpunk dystopia, utilizing a color palette predominantly composed of dark brown and gray tones. The artist, Sandara Tang, serves as a possible inspiration with her penchant for elegant clothing and her ability to bring beauty to darker themes. The desired result for this prompt is a high-definition image that incorporates the elegant yet edgy elements of cyberpunk aesthetics, as well as the captivating contrast between the black kimono and the vibrant red hair. Zeng Chuangxing's artistic style can also be considered when generating this AI art piece.

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