Colorful Symmetrical Portrait AI prompt

Explore the captivating world of AI art with our "Colorful Symmetrical Portrait" prompt, showcasing the mesmerizing fusion of stable diffusion and mid-journey techniques. Immerse yourself in the vivid colors and perfect symmetry of these AI-generated masterpieces.

Colorful Symmetrical Portrait
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Re-create a full-body portrait of a stunningly beautiful, tall and slender girl. She is depicted from a front view and bathed in natural light, with a particularly strong light illuminating her face. The artwork should be a hyper-detailed masterpiece, showcasing a mix of vibrant pastel colors in a flat, 2.5D anime style. The girl's short hair, symmetrical and glamorous, is a stunning blend of red and pink shades. She wears a white stocking and elegant sandals, complemented by colorful symmetrical fairy wings. Adornments such as a butterfly and flower hair ornament and a locket add intricate detail. The girl is portrayed walking gracefully, wearing a long white cotton cocktail dress that exudes sophistication and charm. Her feet stand atop a circle of blue sea water splash, with sunshine reflecting on her face and a gentle breeze rustling her hair. This artwork, created digitally using clean and vibrant 2D vector art techniques, is intended for an album cover. It should capture the viewer's attention with its symmetrical and colorful composition, showcasing the golden ratio. The background, an intricate and hyper-detailed vector illustration of a rose graffiti silhouette, contrasts against the simple yet elegant flat color art of the girl. The resolution of the artwork should be 128K, ensuring every minute detail shines through. The resulting digital painting should exhibit a perfect balance of colors and sharp focus, creating a vibrant and captivating piece reminiscent of a digital watercolor painting.

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This prompt revolves around the creation of a vibrant and symmetrical artwork called "Colorful Symmetrical Portrait." It depicts a beautiful girl in a full body portrait, standing front and center, against a negative tarot white background. The artwork aims to capture the viewer's attention with its hyperdetailed, intricate, and colorful rose graffiti silhouette vector background.

The portrait is characterized by its flawless quality, hyperrealistic style, and a mix of 2.5D and anime aesthetics. The girl is tall and slender, with short red and pink hair that is symmetrically styled and adorned with butterfly and flower hair ornaments. She is dressed in a stunning white cotton cocktail long dress, and wears white stockings and sandals.

The composition of this artwork highlights symmetry and glamour, with fairy wings on the girl's back that mirror each other perfectly. The setting is bathed in natural light, accentuated by a strong front light and sunshine on the girl's face. The scene is made livelier by the presence of a blue sea water splash in a circle at the girl's feet, giving a sense of movement and dynamism to the artwork.

This prompt draws inspiration from various sources, such as album cover art, clean art, and the aesthetics of digital illustration and painting. The goal is to achieve a flat color art style with digital watercolor-like qualities. The resolution is set at 128K, ensuring an incredibly detailed and sharp focus. The overall composition adheres to the principles of the golden ratio to create a visually pleasing and balanced artwork.

With its symmetrical and colorful elements, this prompt presents an opportunity for AI Art generation apps/software to create a visually stunning and captivating artwork that seamlessly blends digital techniques with traditional artistic styles.

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