Ethereal Nightmare AI prompt

Discover the enchanting allure of AI-generated art with the mesmerizing "Ethereal Nightmare" prompt. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the intriguing realms of stable diffusion and midjourney, as this AI masterpiece unveils a world of wonder through its sublime imagery.

Ethereal Nightmare
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Create an incredibly lifelike and dreamlike depiction of an exquisitely attractive woman with long tousled hair reminiscent of an era gone by, while incorporating elements from the film "Nightmare on Elm Street." Portray a hauntingly vacant gaze and meticulously crafted crimson eyes, conveying a sense of hopelessness and melancholy. Capture an evil and cunning smirk directed towards the camera, with an acute focus on sharpness and utilizing the cutting-edge technology of an 8k resolution in order to achieve unparalleled photorealism. Employ strikingly vibrant and illuminating lighting techniques, employing the Unreal Engine 5 and emulating the artistic style of Jim Lee to evoke cinematic quality. Artfully infuse the image with hyperrealism by incorporating intricate details, complemented by the utilization of Octane Render, resulting in a heightened sense of authenticity. Lastly, include a touch of horror with splatters of blood and silver metallic blades adorning the subject's face, amplifying the intensity of the composition.

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Take a step into a haunting and ethereal nightmare with our prompt, "Ethereal Nightmare." This prompt invites you to envision an ultra-realistic portrait of a beautiful female, inspired by the eerie ambiance of Nightmare on Elm Street. The portrait should feature long, retro messy hair, an empty-looking stare, and detailed crimson-colored eyes. Derived from a sense of despair and melancholy, the subject should be captured with an evil smile, smirking at the camera, all with sharp focus. Aim for an 8k resolution, ensuring an ultra photo-realistic outcome, embellished with vivid bright lighting using Unreal Engine 5, inspired by the cinematic artistry of Jim Lee. The final artwork should exhibit mesmerizing hyper-realism, paying close attention to high-detail elements such as the Octane render effects, blood splatters, and silver metallic blades delicately draped across her face.

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