Futuristic Vergil Coat AI prompt

Discover the captivating world of AI-generated art with our Futuristic Vergil Coat, a mesmerizing creation that combines the essence of stable diffusion and midjourney. Immerse yourself in the imaginative realm where technology and creativity converge, and witness the remarkable possibilities of AI art firsthand.

Futuristic Vergil Coat
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Create a digitally rendered image of a cybernetic villain named Vergil, donning a sleek black coat, exhibiting a futuristic aesthetic. The depiction should be hyperrealistic, displaying photorealistic details with an incredibly high resolution of 8k. Utilize the Unreal Engine to bring this three-dimensional representation to life, incorporating augmented reality in a 9:16 aspect ratio. Enhance the visual style by infusing it with expressive elements, using the expressive style technique with a strength of 400.

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The "Futuristic Vergil Coat" prompt envisions Vergil, the popular fictional character, transformed into a menacing supervillain in a cutting-edge, cyberpunk-inspired setting. This portrayal emphasizes hyperrealism, striving for photorealistic detail and texture. The prompt calls for an impressive 8k resolution, enhancing every intricate nuance and creating a visually stunning experience. The artwork will be generated using the powerful Unreal Engine, renowned for delivering jaw-dropping graphics. Employing a 3D render approach, it aims to bring Vergil's futuristic persona to life. The specified aspect ratio of 9:16 ensures optimal display on mobile devices while adhering to contemporary media consumption trends. To infuse the artwork with a unique touch, the expressive style will be employed, adding a sense of dynamic energy to the final piece. With a style factor of 400, the end result is expected to be bold, captivating, and vividly immersive. Artists may find inspiration from cyberpunk aesthetics, iconic supervillains, and modern-day technological advances to realize this futuristic, larger-than-life rendition of Vergil.

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