Ghost Hunter's Shadow AI prompt

"Discover captivating AI-generated art inspired by the AI art prompts 'stable diffusion' and 'midjourney' on our page, featuring the intriguing work titled 'Ghost Hunter's Shadow'."

Ghost Hunter's Shadow
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Rewrite: Capture an incredibly lifelike depiction of a ghost hunter with stunning green fluorescent eyes, reminiscent of Alan Wake. Show her exploring the desolate and unsettling premises of an abandoned mental asylum, while being accompanied by a ghostly shadow figure lurking in the background. Ensure the image is flawlessly focused, utilizing the ultra high-definition 8k resolution to create ultra photo-realism. Enhance the scene with vivid and vibrant lighting, utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 5. This project draws inspiration from the masterful works of Luis Royo.

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"Ghost Hunter's Shadow" is a captivating prompt that calls for the creation of an ultra-realistic portrait depicting a ghost hunter. The key features include striking green fluorescent eyes reminiscent of Alan Wake, the renowned video game character known for his supernatural investigations. The ghost hunter is portrayed amidst a spine-chilling scenario, exploring an abandoned and eerie mental asylum building. However, what adds to the suspense is the presence of an ethereal ghostly shadow figure lurking behind her. The artwork should exhibit meticulous attention to detail, achieving an image resolution of 8k and embracing ultra-photo realism. To enhance the atmosphere, vivid and bright lighting should be incorporated, leveraging the advanced capabilities offered by Unreal Engine 5. This prompt draws inspiration from the works of Luis Royo, a renowned artist known for his masterful portrayal of fantastical and dark themes, infusing it with a touch of eerie anticipation.

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