High quality metal jacket portrait AI prompt

Experience the stunning AI-generated artwork of a high quality metal jacket portrait, created through the captivating art prompts of "stable diffusion" and "midjourney". Witness the mesmerizing fusion of creativity and artificial intelligence as you explore this page.

High quality metal jacket portrait
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Create a stunning, ultra high-quality digital portrait of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid, embodying the essence of Rambo with a mix of X-Men's leather jacket style and long rock hair. The artwork should be photo-realistic, presenting the highest level of detail and quality possible in a 4K portrait. The artist responsible for this masterpiece is Luis Royo.

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In this prompt, we are seeking a high-quality metal jacket portrait. The inspiration behind this request lies in the world of video games and action-packed movies. The prompt references "Big Boss" from the renowned video game series Metal Gear Solid, known for its cutting-edge graphics and intense gameplay. The aim is to create an ultra-realistic portrait reminiscent of iconic characters like Rambo, exuding a badass feel. The subject should be depicted wearing a leather jacket with a hint of X-Men style rock influence, accompanied by long hair. We envision a photographic quality with the highest level of detail and resolution, preferably in 4K. This prompt draws inspiration from the works of artist Luis Royo, known for his mesmerizing fantasy art.

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