Mage's Peacock Genie AI prompt

Discover captivating AI-generated artwork inspired by the enchanting concepts of "stable diffusion" and "midjourney." Delve into the mesmerizing world of Mage's Peacock Genie, where mystical allure meets innovative technology. Explore stunning visuals created by AI and be immersed in a realm of inspirations brought to life.

Mage's Peacock Genie
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Create concept art of a female figure, dressed as a peacock mage and inspired by the style of Asaf Hanuka. The woman should be depicted standing in water while wearing a bikini, holding a pen. The artwork should be in a flat anime style with shading, showcasing a magical and aesthetic portrayal of a female genie, similar to the character Irelia from the game League of Legends.

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In this prompt, we invite users to imagine a captivating scene titled "Mage's Peacock Genie." The setting revolves around a woman leisurely standing in crystal-clear water, dressed in a bikini and holding a pen. Drawing inspiration from Asaf Hanuka's artwork, the concept art embraces elements of fantasy and is heavily influenced by the peacock mage theme. To add a touch of familiarity, we suggest incorporating clothing style ideas inspired by Irelia from League of Legends. The overall aesthetic should encompass a delightful combination of a female genie and a flat anime style shading. With these keywords in mind, users can delve into their creative realms to craft mesmerizing AI-generated art using stable diffusion or midjourney prompts.

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