Moonlit Art AI prompt

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Moonlit Art
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The prompt is to create a concept art of a woman with dark, shorter, curly hair standing in front of a full moon. The art style should be reminiscent of Yoshihiko Wada's art nouveau style, combined with elements of Krenz Cushart and Artem Demura's 80s anime OVA style. The character's inspiration is Griffith from "Berserk."

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Moonlit Art is a captivating prompt that sets the stage for a stunning concept art piece. The prompt showcases a woman standing gracefully in front of a mesmerizing full moon, capturing the essence of both ethereal beauty and mystique. Inspired by the art nouveau style of renowned artist Yoshihiko Wada, the artwork embraces the elegance and intricate details associated with this art movement. The woman is portrayed with dark, shorter curly hair, reminiscent of iconic characters by illustrious artists such as Krenz Cushart and Artem Demura. The prompt also draws inspiration from 80s anime OVA (Original Video Animation) style, infusing the artwork with a touch of nostalgic charm. By incorporating elements from Griffith, a character from the renowned manga series Berserk, the prompt invokes a sense of intensity and strength, adding depth to the woman's character. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Moonlit Art as it combines various artistic influences to create a truly captivating and unique composition.

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