Warrior pose retrowave AI prompt

Explore the fascinating world of AI-generated art with our "Warrior Pose Retrowave" prompt and witness the stunning fusion of stability and diffusion. Immerse yourself in this incredible midjourney creation that epitomizes the vibrancy and energy of the retrowave art genre.

Warrior pose retrowave
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Create a portrait of a powerful warrior in a retrowave style. The artwork must be incredibly detailed and of the highest quality, with a 4k resolution and high sharpness. Pay close attention to the intricate design of the warrior's pupils. This should be a digital painting, showcasing a highly detailed face and eyes with the utmost quality. Additionally, provide a detailed photograph of the warrior with an 8k resolution, aiming for a photorealistic appearance. The warrior should have long retro hair, expressing a state of extreme joy. It is crucial to depict a rugged male. The artwork should be created by Jim Lee, ensuring a sharp focus and attention to detail. The warrior's body should be flawless, emphasizing a realistic representation with real shadows and a 3D effect using the Unreal Engine.

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This prompt, titled "Warrior pose retrowave," aims to generate a visually stunning portrait of a warrior in a dynamic retrowave style. The prompt specifies various details and qualities desired for the artwork, such as intricate muscles, exceptionally high resolution (4k and 8k), sharpness, detailed eyes and face, digital painting techniques, and photorealism. The prompt also calls for a long retro hair and an ecstatic expression on a rugged male character, taking inspiration from the distinctive art style of celebrated artist Jim Lee. The final output is expected to have a sharp focus, perfect body proportions, realistic shadows, and utilize the Unreal Engine for a three-dimensional effect. By providing such specific criteria, this prompt encourages artists and AI Art generation apps/software to generate a visually captivating and highly detailed representation of a warrior in a retrowave setting.

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