How to Digitize a Physical Toy in Just One Hour Using AI: Insights from @sergeyglkn's Twitter Thread

Discover the fascinating journey of @sergeyglkn as he effortlessly transforms a physical toy into a captivating virtual entity, all in just one hour! Immerse yourself in the insightful Twitter thread unveiling the ingenious employment of various AI tools to bring about a stunning animated AR character.

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How I transferred a physical toy to the digital world in one hour with AI.

How I Transferred a Physical Toy to the Digital World in One Hour with AI

A insightful twitter thread by @sergeyglkn on how he used different (AI) tools to create an animated AR character.

Have you ever wondered how to bring your favorite physical toy into the digital realm? Well, @sergeyglkn has come up with an innovative solution using AI tools, and he explains it all in a fascinating Twitter thread.

In just one hour, Sergey managed to convert a physical toy into a digital, animated AR character. His thread dives deep into the step-by-step process he followed, as well as the tools he used.

The journey began with digitizing the toy using a 3D scanner. Sergey goes into detail about the scanner he used and the challenges he faced during this initial step. He then moves on to explain the process of cleaning up the scanned data and preparing it for 3D modeling.

Next, Sergey discusses the magic of AI-powered 3D modeling tools. He explains how he used these tools to enhance the scanned data, fix imperfections, and even add new details to the digital model.

Once the 3D modeling was complete, Sergey used another AI tool to animate the character. He describes the intuitive interface of this tool and how it allowed him to bring his toy to life. Seeing the transformation from a static object to a dynamic, animated character is truly mesmerizing.

The final step was to deploy the character in an augmented reality (AR) environment. Sergey shares his experience using an AR development platform and provides insights into how he integrated the animated character seamlessly into the digital world.

Throughout the thread, Sergey sprinkles useful tips and tricks, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of AI, art, and technology. So, if you're curious about Sergey's process or want to embark on your own digital toy adventure, make sure to check out his Twitter thread here.

With constantly evolving AI tools and techniques, the possibilities for bridging the physical and digital worlds are expanding. Sergey's experiment serves as a testament to the creative potential of AI in the realm of art and showcases the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

So, grab your favorite toy and join @sergeyglkn on this captivating journey into the digital world!

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