Behind-The-Scenes: Creating LIVE.DIE.REPEAT - A Motion-inspired AI Art Submission

Discover the Behind-The-Scenes explanation of LIVE.DIE.REPEAT., an AI art submission by @ClaireSilver12 for the 5th AI art contest. Explore the mesmerizing motion theme and how this artwork was created in this insightful blog post.

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My submission LIVE.DIE.REPEAT. for @ClaireSilver12 5th AI art contest with the theme "motion" got some love when I published it on Tuesday. So I thought I would put together a "Behind-The-Scenes" explanation on how it was made. Enjoy..

The Concept

In creating LIVE.DIE.REPEAT., I aimed to capture the essence of perpetual motion and the cyclical nature of life. The artwork revolves around the idea that every ending is merely a new beginning. Inspired by the repeating patterns found in nature and daily life, I wanted to convey a sense of continuity and rebirth.

The Creation Process

To bring this concept to life, I utilized advanced AI algorithms and generative art techniques. By harnessing the power of machine learning, I was able to create a dynamic artwork that evolves and repeats seamlessly.

AI Algorithms and Generative Art

In order to generate the mesmerizing visuals of LIVE.DIE.REPEAT., I employed deep learning algorithms and generative adversarial networks (GANs). These AI systems allowed me to train a model to recognize and mimic various elements of motion, such as flowing water, falling leaves, and birds in flight.

The Result

The result is a captivating visual journey that portrays the perpetual motion of life. Each time you view LIVE.DIE.REPEAT., you may notice subtle variations and new elements that emerge with each repetition. The artwork truly reflects the cyclical nature of existence.


To experience the intricate beauty of LIVE.DIE.REPEAT., please visit the official Twitter post. Get immersed in the endlessly repeating patterns, and feel the energy of life unfolding before your eyes.

Join us in witnessing the captivating motion and eternal rebirth of LIVE.DIE.REPEAT.

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