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ArtStation Focus is a page dedicated to showcasing unique AI-generated art prompts like "stable diffusion" and "midjourney," offering captivating images that highlight the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence.

ArtStation Focus
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A close-up view of a single branch, without any flowers, painted in Watercolor technique, gaining popularity on ArtStation platform. The image is captured in a studio using a sharp focus, showcasing its intricate details. Created using Unreal Engine 5, the artwork appears ultra realistic and photo-realistic, displaying highly detailed elements. This masterpiece is credited to artists Greg Rutkowski, Jim Lee, and Luis Royo.

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ArtStation Focus is a platform dedicated to sharing prompts specifically designed for AI Art generation apps and software. In this particular prompt, titled "Ramo sin novia en primer plano" (A bouquet without a bride in the foreground), the focus is on creating a watercolor artwork with a sharp focus, inspired by the trending art on ArtStation. The prompt encourages artists to pay attention to intricate details and utilize the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 for an ultra-realistic and highly detailed result. The mentioned artists, Greg Rutkowski, Jim Lee, and Luis Royo, serve as possible inspirations for this prompt, showcasing their expertise in realism and photo-realistic rendering. The description aims to naturally incorporate keywords like "sharp focus," "studio photo," "intricate details," "photo-realistic," and "highly detailed."

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