Colorful Cyberpunk Femme AI prompt

Experience the mesmerizing fusion of vibrant colors and cyberpunk aesthetics with our AI-generated artwork, the Colorful Cyberpunk Femme. Immerse yourself in the world of stable diffusion and midjourney as this captivating piece takes you on a visual journey like no other.

Colorful Cyberpunk Femme
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Create a digitally painted artwork depicting a woman with vibrant, colorful hair in a cyberpunk style. The piece should be influenced by psychedelic art, with elements inspired by Kilian Eng and Tristan Eaton. Incorporate the concept of pop japonisme with ultra-detailed 3D elements, combining bold and intricate ink illustrations. The main subject of the artwork should be a robot girl.

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Welcome to our page dedicated to sharing prompts for AI Art generation apps/software! This particular prompt revolves around creating a captivating artwork titled "Colorful Cyberpunk Femme."

Imagine a mesmerizing digital painting that showcases a woman adorned with vibrant and vividly colored hair, reflecting the essence of cyberpunk art. Inspired by the intricate and imaginative works of talented artists like Kilian Eng, Tristan Eaton, and the psychedelic art movement, this creation aims to merge elements of pop japonisme with 3D ultra-detailed visuals. Think of a bold and captivating ink illustration, featuring a robot girl with a touch of futuristic allure and an explosion of colors.

By removing quotes and incorporating the keywords organically, we can effectively describe the context of this prompt, highlighting its focus on cyberpunk, colorful hair, digital art, and the influences of notable artists. Let the AI Art generation apps/software dive into this exciting prompt and bring your imagination to life!

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