Ethereal Nightmare AI prompt

Discover the mesmerizing world of "Ethereal Nightmare" AI art, where the boundaries of reality and dreams intertwine, showcasing the awe-inspiring outcomes of the "stable diffusion" and "midjourney" prompts. Immerse yourself in hauntingly beautiful digital creations that push artistic boundaries and stimulate the imagination.

Ethereal Nightmare
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Create an ultra-realistic otherworldly image of a stunning woman, inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street, with disheveled long retro hair. Capture her vacant gaze, enhanced by intricately detailed crimson eyes, connoting despair and melancholy. Achieve a sharp focus and utilize cutting-edge technology for an 8k resolution, bringing out unrivaled photorealism. Illuminate the scene with vivid and bright lighting, employing the Unreal Engine 5 in a cinematic style inspired by Jim Lee. Aim for hyper-realism and focus on minute details using the Octane Render software. Incorporate a dramatic element by showcasing blood splatters, while highlighting the silver metallic hand blades, glistening to perfection.

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Ethereal Nightmare is a captivating prompt that seeks an ultra realistic and haunting portrait of a beautiful female with elements inspired by the iconic horror film "Nightmare on Elm Street". The vision is to depict a woman with long, retro messy hair and an empty, despair-filled stare. Her captivating eyes should be detailed in a mesmerizing crimson color, adding to the melancholic mood. This artwork should exude sharp focus with unparalleled realism, created using cutting-edge technology like Unreal Engine 5 and Octane Render. The lighting must be vivid and bright, enhancing the dramatic atmosphere. The renowned artist Jim Lee's style and cinematic aesthetics can provide inspiration for this piece, aiming for hyper-realism and exceptional intricate detail. To intensify the eerie ambiance, incorporating blood splatter and silver metallic hand blades that shine will add a chilling touch to the composition. Ultimately, the goal is to create an 8k image that blurs the line between art and reality, leaving viewers captivated by the ethereal nightmare before them.

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