Futuristic Glamour Book AI prompt

Discover the astonishing AI-generated artwork inspired by the "stable diffusion" and "midjourney" prompts, as we present the mesmerizing Futuristic Glamour Book. Immerse yourself in innovative digital art that pushes the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

Futuristic Glamour Book
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Create a captivating silver-bound novel by Ko Rin that showcases the essence of futuristic glamour. The book's official art should emanate an otherworldly aura, utilizing the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 technology. Incorporate the exquisite Gongbi painting style, depicting intricate and ornate costumes. Emphasize the opulence by incorporating chrome-plated elements and introducing transparent or translucent mediums. Keep the aspect ratio at 103:128 and the size at 750, ensuring a visually stunning experience. Include a dash of fascinating iridescence with a vivid spectrum of five colors.

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The "Futuristic Glamour Book" is an exciting prompt that invites AI Art generation apps/software to create a captivating book cover displaying ko rin's latest literary masterpiece. This book, characterized by a silver color palette and futuristic glamour style, aims to catch the readers' attention with an official art aesthetic inspired by unreal engine 5 graphics. The prompt specifies the use of the gongbi artistic technique, known for its meticulous brushstrokes and intricate details, to create elaborate costumes within the artwork. The book cover should exude a sense of modernity and sophistication, making use of chrome-plated elements and transparent or translucent mediums to add a touch of intrigue. Let your imagination flow as you explore the possibilities of this prompt, keeping in mind the desired aspect ratio of 103:128, a resolution of 750 pixels, and a delightful touch of niji (meaning "rainbow" in Japanese) with the inclusion of five vivid colors. Embrace the futuristic allure and artistic elegance while infusing your own unique vision into this stunning book cover.

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