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Interviewer TV
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Interview roadway personnel on live broadcast, special effects, comprehensive program moving crew, high prize money car seats, Zhao Wei, special forces, parallel space, security team, bank robbery case, rehearsal, hooligan, director, rest, black backpack, daylight

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The "Interviewer TV" prompt is set in the context of a popular talk show that focuses on conducting interviews with various individuals. The show is known for its vibrant studio set, with colorful backgrounds and interactive displays. In each episode, the host interviews different guests, ranging from celebrities to ordinary people with unique stories and talents. The show is aired live, with a dedicated team responsible for its smooth operation and production. The prompt mentions various elements that could inspire the artwork, such as high-paying car giveaways, special military units, parallel universes, bank heists, rehearsals, intriguing characters like a guilty director or a relaxed boss, and contrasting objects like a black backpack and bright sunlight. Artists can use this prompt to explore a range of creative ideas and bring them to life through AI art generation software.

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