White-haired woman drawing AI prompt

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White-haired woman drawing
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The prompt requests a lineart drawing of a white-haired woman created by the artist Shitao. The artwork is found on the website Pixiv and follows a rococo style. The drawing depicts the woman wearing a garter belt, and the requested shot focuses on specific details. The shading technique used is flat cel shading reminiscent of the artist Mucha. Finally, a white ribbon is also present in the drawing.

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This prompt invites AI art generation apps and software to create a visually striking image of a white-haired woman. The prompt specifies that the image should be lineart and inspired by the art style of Shitao, a renowned artist. It also includes additional elements like pixiv, rococo, garter belt, detail shot, flat cel shading mucha, and a white ribbon. These keywords offer inspiration for incorporating intricate details, elegant fashion, and specific artistic techniques.

The context of this prompt could be a fusion of classical and contemporary styles, where the art form of lineart meets the elegance of rococo fashion. The white-haired woman could be depicted with her hair styled in a fashionable manner, perhaps adorned with a stylized white ribbon. The garter belt mentioned in the prompt could inspire the inclusion of fashionable accessories or a nod to vintage fashion.

Drawing influences from the art style of Shitao, the image could utilize a variety of line weights and techniques to achieve a visually intriguing composition. The use of flat cel shading, as mentioned in the prompt, allows for a simplified approach to shading, adding a touch of modernity to the overall aesthetic.

Overall, this prompt challenges AI art generation to create a captivating artwork of a white-haired woman. It encourages the artist to combine various elements such as fashion, artistic styles, and specific details, resulting in a unique and visually appealing image.

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