Asian girl with big eyes AI prompt

Experience the captivating allure of an AI-generated masterpiece. Delve into the mesmerizing world of stable diffusion and midjourney prompts, revealing an enchanting portrayal of an Asian girl with big eyes. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing blend of technology and artistry, as our AI's creative prowess breathes life into this stunning visual narrative.

Asian girl with big eyes
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Create a vivid portrayal of an Asian girl blessed with prominent, captivating eyes and lustrous dark hair. Emulating the artistic style of the esteemed stars art group known as Xing Xing, strive for photorealistic precision in the rendering. Infuse a touch of sleekness and sheen akin to the renowned aesthetics of the Clamp art movement. Employ a color palette primarily comprising sophisticated shades of dark gray and light black to authentically capture the essence of reality within the scenes depicted. While maintaining a commitment to realism, incorporate elements of cartoon mis-en-scene to infuse an element of playfulness to the artwork. Optimize the parameters by setting the aspect ratio to 27:32, ensuring a resolution of 750 and implementing a delightful touch of iridescence with a sprinkling of five vibrant colors.

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Context: This prompt calls for the creation of an artwork featuring an Asian girl with big eyes and dark hair, drawing inspiration from the iconic style of the stars art group (xing xing). The aim is to achieve a photorealistic rendering with a touch of glossy shine and a color palette consisting of dark gray and light black. The artwork should depict realistic scenes and incorporate elements of cartoon mise-en-scene. The parameters for the AI art generation app/software are set to ar 27:32, s 750, and niji 5.

Possible inspirations for this prompt could include the works of the stars art group, renowned for their innovative and vibrant approach to art. The concept of big-eyed characters in Asian art or anime may also serve as inspiration, as such figures often reflect both innocence and beauty. By combining these inspirations with the desired rendering style, color palette, and mise-en-scene elements, the prompt aims to produce a visually compelling artwork featuring an Asian girl with captivating eyes.

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