Jin Nong's raven illustration AI prompt

Explore the captivating AI-generated artwork of Jin Nong's raven illustration depicting the mesmerizing themes of stable diffusion and midjourney. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of AI art prompts and witness the stunning creations brought to life.

Jin Nong's raven illustration
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An award-winning artwork titled "On the Fence" by Jin Nong depicts a figure alongside a bird. The portrait showcases a raven in a striking Japanese cartoon style, inspired by artists Android Jones and Atey Ghailan. The illustration captures the essence of beauty.

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Introducing Jin Nong's raven illustration - a stunning piece of art that serves as an intriguing prompt for AI Art generation apps and software. This prompt sets the stage for a captivating scene featuring a person standing next to a bird on a fence. The illustration, crafted by Jin Nong, showcases their exceptional talent and was even recognized as a winner in the Pixiv contest. Inspired by various artistic influences, such as Japanese cartoon style, Android Jones, and Atey Ghailan, this beautiful illustration presents a rich visual narrative for AI algorithms to explore and bring to life.

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